Waste Overload: A Global Crisis of Epic Proportions

Waste in the world: it’s an overdose

so much waste
Every day, on earth, four million tons of household waste are produced, the equivalent of 400 Eiffel towers! Getting rid of it is a headache.

While the United Nations assembly was being held, the secretary general of the organization received a petition signed by 190,000 Internet users from all over the world, who had been invited to become citizens of the Trash Isles, literally the trash islands. At the same time, in a spot broadcast on the Web, Al Gore, the former American vice-president, lent his voice to a symbolic request for recognition by the UN of this new State.

Graphic designers have even imagined the design of a passport, a flag and banknotes of a currency called debris… Not without black humor, this awareness campaign, led by the news and entertainment site LADBible and the American NGO Plastic Oceans Foundation, wanted to draw attention to a worrying phenomenon: the persistence of a pile of plastic rubbish the size of France in the middle of the Pacific.

Waste in the ocean

A continent whose existence has been attested for two decades already: a certain Captain Charles J. Moore made this unappetizing discovery in 1997, during a nautical race between California and Hawaii. And since then, scientific expeditions have revealed and studied four other giant formations of this type, in all the oceans. The researchers describe them as plastic soups in suspension.

Under the effect of salt water and the sun, the scrap breaks down into microfragments, most with a diameter of less than five millimeters. Carried by the currents, they form large whirlpools. An international study conducted jointly by a dozen research centers relied on twenty-four missions conducted between 2007 and 2013 to estimate the extent of the damage: these monstrous masses would consist of at least minus 5,250 billion particles, for a total weight of 269,000 tonnes!

And this is only what floats on the surface. We cannot quantify what is accumulating in the seabed. The only certainty: it is much more! Because every year, in the world, eight million tons of plastic, escaped from the sewers, carried and vomited by the rivers and dispersed by the currents, come to feed these submerged dumps. To the delight of microorganisms – especially bacteria and microalgae – which cling to these residues and end up forming, with their artificial rafts, a new ecosystem, called plastisphere. And which could have serious repercussions on the natural balances.

Plastic pollution

Plastic, this extremely long-lasting material, has become the symbol of our ready-to-throw society. Will our planet be engulfed in garbage cans? Even the most isolated and deserted corners of the globe are susceptible to becoming dumping grounds. Like the small uninhabited island of Henderson, between Chile and New Zealand, more than 5,000 kilometers from any city or any industry, which is home to the highest density of plastic waste on the planet (excluding official landfills).

Like what is happening on the coasts of this atoll, the presence of our waste is everywhere so massive that it is on the way to becoming a geological marker. In the 1970s, geologists jokingly proposed a classification of the most recent stratigraphic layers, distinguishing the Upper Poubellian (after the appearance of plastics) from the Lower Poubellian (the previous period). Research carried out on Kamilo beach, in southern Hawaii, and made public in 2014 by the Geological Society of America, sadly proves them right: this work has revealed the existence of plastiglomerate, a new rock composed of a large concentration of plastic residue melted and agglomerated with sediments, fragments of basaltic lava and organic debris.

This material therefore now competes with aluminum, concrete and artificial radioactive particles to become the marker of our industrial era. Will it be the fossil of our time? The symbol of a new geological era? Only the stratigraphers, who are responsible for defining the geological time scale, can officially decide. The answer should come in a few years, when the International Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS) will give its verdict and announce, perhaps, that the Earth has left the Holocene, a period that began more than 10,000 years ago, to enter the Anthropocene (the era when humans irreparably modify the earth’s ecosystem). Dating back to the mid-twentieth century when the planet was turned into a giant trash can.

Waste management crisis

Since 1945, with economic growth, the amount of waste has exploded. What frightens the team of researchers led by Daniel Hoornweg, professor at the University of Ontario and specialist in urban development at the World Bank, is the speed at which the planetary dump is swelling. According to their projections, household waste should increase from four million tons per day today to more than eleven million in 2100. Almost three times more.

The mass of waste is growing faster than any other environmental pollution, including greenhouse gas emissions. The conjunction of three factors: population growth, galloping urbanization and the overall increase in the standard of living. At the same level of income, a city dweller generates twice as much garbage as his neighbor in the countryside, who uses less packaging and wastes less food. But since city dwellers are statistically wealthier than rural dwellers, an urban citizen is actually responsible for an average of four times as much waste.

In summary, the bigger the cities get and the more their occupants reach the wealthy and upper middle classes, the more the garbage cans overflow. The OECD countries, the richest in the world, thus generate ten times more garbage than the poorest nations. On the other hand, the garbage cans are better managed there. More than 40% of municipal waste is buried there, while more than 20% is recycled, approximately 20% incinerated and more than 10% composted.

However, still according to the World Bank, it is the least developed countries which, because of their demography and their urbanization, will produce the majority of tomorrow’s waste. Fortunately, some of them are already preparing to face this …

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Green Business Opportunity

Hundreds of businesses across the country find themselves in a terrible predicament. They find themselves practically strangled by the rising cost of waste management and the similarly rising mounds of waste that they can find nothing to do with.

At the same time, businesses are constantly encouraged and even required to become more environmentally friendly.

For most businesses, turning a profit takes up every resource as it is, and devoting resources to more efficient waste management is fiscally out of the question. With rising costs and the precarious state of the economy, just as the push to be environmentally conscious is increasing – so is the cost.

The cost is where we can help.

Provided with extensive training and an exhaustive knowledge base, every dumpster rental company is capable of making effective waste management rewarding for both client and affiliate. Affiliates earn a significant profit, as well as gratification, by saving businesses up to thousands of dollars on their waste management.

Unlike other methods of “going green.” This approach to waste management is a greening initiative that is actually cost effective. In fact, waste management consulting is a service that is far too easy to pass up. It involves absolutely no financial loss, and given the nature of the arrangement – the business simply compensates the affiliate with half of what they save.

When offering their service to potential clients, the dumpster rental company’s sales pitch essentially boils down to one simple statement:

“By scrutinizing your waste streams, I can save you thousands – and it won’t cost you a dime of what you’re already making”.

By helping businesses go green, dumpster rental companies have tapped into a market where green, in every sense of the word, is easy:

The Sky’s the Limit

Owning a business can be rewarding and exciting. It’s the aspiration of the many, but only a few really get to experience owning a successful business. However, everyone can become involved and everyone can become successful. Regardless of background, anyone with the motivation to succeed can build the business they’ve always wanted.

We have provided hundreds of affiliates with the ideal business opportunity. From full time students to full time parents, the opportunities are there to take full advantage of a market that has literally no limitations.

Enterprising affiliates are free to live the lives that they have always enjoyed while taking advantage of the opportunity to work part time and enjoy incredible benefits.

Anyone with a small amount of free time and a large amount of ambition can take a portion of their time and build a successful home business that will remain free from the risk typically associated with home businesses.

Just think about the various factors of businesses that are consistently troublesome: employees, work space, supply and demand, the economy, recession, and more.

The beautiful thing is inherent in the very nature of its business model. Because it is their business, dumpster rental companies only serve as many clients as they are comfortable with. They are truly free to run their business any way they please.

Additionally, dumpster rental companies can concentrate on making money while avoiding the expense of paying for space, employees, and more. Finally, was there ever a day where you didn’t produce a little bit of trash? There will always be waste; waste management consulting and Jacksonville Dumpster Rental service are services that will always be necessary.

The numerous benefits and the low-stress nature of working as an dumpster rental company make it an incredibly easy business venture for anyone to get involved with.

Affiliates can enjoy their lives and take advantage of a part time home business that has serious potential. Everyone can be an dumpster rental company, from stay-at-home moms and students to already experienced businessmen and businesswomen. This opportunity offers flexibility, attractive income potential, and a level of independence that’s hard to come by.…

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How to organize a waste collection in the park

To clean up the edge of a river, a clearing, a park, a walking path … you can mobilize the residents near you by posting a message on facebook.

To mobilize volunteers to clean up a corner of nature near you, do not hesitate to send an invitation to your friends. Each week, social networks of the cities give advices and beautiful stories about these clean outs.

Waste Management Responsibility

Citizen initiatives for waste collection are increasing in Florida. These actions bring together more and more volunteers and usually end with a hot coffee or a good drink in the local brewery. Armed with our best advice, a good pair of gloves and trash bags, go with your neighbors, hunting for rubbish.

In order to create such an event, log on you favorite social network account. Click on events in the menu on the right of the home page. Click on create an event. Choose the option public event in order to be able to share the link of the event with as many people as possible

Add a little presentation of yourself and your approach to your event to make your invitation more pleasant. If you already have a place to clean in mind, let them know. In addition, you can add photos of this place to raise awareness and encourage your neighbors to participate in your event.

Invite your friends for a clean out

If this is a big event, you might try to get sponsored by one of the local waste management companies in Florida, such as Ft Lauderdale dumpster rentals, or ask the local city officials who should be more than happy to help.

Then send the invitations. The more the merrier, the merrier! So do not hesitate to spread the word as soon as the date, time and place are decided. To do this, download, print and paste the posters in the hall of your building, in the neighborhood, but also at merchants ready to play the game: at the bakery, at the hairdresser or at the local cafe…

Share the link of the event by e-mail to your friends as well as on social networks. Encourage the first participants to invite as many people as possible in order to make the group even bigger. Write a little reminder on your neighborhood page.

A few days before D-Day, remember to write a little reminder on your neighborhood page to revive the undecided. Make them think of wearing good shoes, gloves (such as dishwashing gloves) and trash bags. Invite parents to come with their children to make them aware of the cleanliness of the public space.

Finally this is D-day. This is the big day ! If you are a large group, you can form teams and divide the area to be cleaned. Once your waste has been collected, celebrate this great action over a good coffee on the corner terrace.

Advice: with the agreement of your neighbors, take photos of the event and share them on your neighborhood page and on social networks, this will make as many people aware as possible not to throw their waste on the public highway. Also send us your photos to all your friends so they may want to join the next cleaning event.…

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Waste management in Oakland

Oakland garbage
Oakland is approaching zero waste!

The Californian city adopted the objective of zero waste sent to landfill or incinerator. And gives itself the means to achieve it.

The sun has not yet risen until a strange ballet begins. Each in turn, dozens of trucks dump tons and tons of food scraps, cut grass, branches. A month later, this organic waste will come out in the form of a rich compost as fine as sand. By 2025, the city plans to achieve zero non-recycled or composted waste, thus avoiding the use of landfills or incinerators, which are very polluting.

The waste recovery rate, that is to say recovered for recycling and composting, today reaches 80% in the city. To achieve this goal never achieved by such a large city in the world, Oakland is demonstrating political will and multiplying legislative initiatives.

The ban on the sale and distribution of small plastic water bottles in public spaces in the city was adopted unanimously by the city council. Instead, many water fountains will be installed and compostable cups can be distributed during events.

Plastic water bottles are expensive to produce and have a significant environmental cost. It takes a thousand years for them to degrade. This is a measure that mentions the risk to health, chemicals such as phthalates can infiltrate the water and disrupt hormones and thereby increase the risk of infertility, cancer and miscarriages. “If we can ban them in public space, let people understand that it is totally doable, then we can go further. In other words, consider a total ban.

Step by step, this is the method that Oakland has adopted since the vote on the zero waste objective. California had already set a 50% recycling objective by 2010. But they wanted to go further. They agreed on the ambitious goal of zero waste and then on a date that is both far enough away to give us the means to reach it, but also close enough to make everyone feel immediately concerned.

A study had shown that 90% of the waste ending up in landfills could be recycled, and that the most important part was food. We don’t see waste as a burden, but as a value, it can be used.

This is how the environment department started by targeting hotels and restaurants, very numerous and which generate a lot of organic waste. They started with a test hotel: the bins for recyclables and compostables cost a lot less, each month on the bill, than those non-recyclable waste. If you recycle and compost all of your garbage, then you will need fewer, or smaller, bins. And you will save money.

Each resident of Oakland is now used to sorting their waste in three bins: in black, the one intended for the landfill; in green that for the compost; and in blue the recyclables. Also companies like Oakland Dumpster Rental Bros provide bin rental services for the residents that wish to discard a large quantity of junk all at once.

The system is a complete success: in one year, on hotel saved $200,000 and the initiative was then quickly spread to all professionals. The system is also offered, on a voluntary basis, to residents who wish to do so.

Banned plastic bags

One of the barely visible parts of the waste, but nevertheless important, is all of the debris generated by the construction sector.

After two years of negotiations, in 2006 the city obliged all building professionals to recycle at least 65% of their debris such as concrete, metal or even wood, in approved centers. A six-month suspension was applied to offenders. At the same time, the city is committed to using only recycled materials for public works such as asphalt, sidewalks or gutters.

But all this is not enough. They went a step further with two decisions directly affecting the daily lives of residents. Plastic bags were first banned from supermarkets, with the obligation to use paper or compostable plastic bags – for a fee, to encourage customers to bring their own bag.

Then, recycling and composting were made compulsory for all Oakland residents. The same system was applied: each house and building receives a detailed invoice and can lighten it by using less and less the normal bin to prefer those dedicated to recycling and composting.

Checks are carried out regularly and warnings are followed by fines for offenders, ranging from $100 to $1,000 dollars. This was their most controversial measure. They have been accused of setting up an environmental police.…

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Tucson Waste Management Planning

recycling in Tucson
Tucson in Arizona is a great city to live in, and one of the specific aspects is great government planning in the domains of waste management, recycling, city planning and sustainability.

They are undergoing many changes at Planning and Development Services to include software upgrades and process improvements. The Department contact information can be accessed on their Contact Us & Hours of Service page. They are focused on creating a positive customer experience and encouraging economic investment in Tucson.

It is easy to find Tucson City Government Planning & Development Services Center in Tucson with their address, phone number from Yahoo US Local. This includes Tucson City Government Planning & Development Services Center Reviews, maps & directions to Tucson City Government Planning & Development Services Center in Tucson and more from Yahoo US Local like Tucson roll-off container rental services, junk removal and recycling facilities and green initiatives.

There you can learn more about the Planning Center, their consultations, Landscape architects, land planning, landscape Design, etc. The Planning Center is located at 110 S Church Ave Ste 6320 in Tucson, AZ – Pima County and is a business listed in the categories City & County Government, Landscape Contractors & Designers, Market Analysis Business & Economics, City Regional & Town Planners, Market Analysis, Business & Economic.

Tucson City Planning Department in Tucson Arizona is a great contributing element for a greener Tucson City, find their Tucson City Planning Department, the Building Department, in Tucson, AZ 85701, with address and phone number. Building Departments provide information on certificates of occupancy (CO), building codes, construction codes, inspections, safety, violations, permits, community planning, zoning and more. Membership is a good way to show your support for TRRG goals. If you are a resident of Tucson and committed to TRRG goals, you can join. Members are included in all activities, information sharing and voting. $10 per year helps the group cover printing, meeting and other maintenance costs.

Tucson Residents for Responsive Government, TRRG for short, is a grassroots coalition of City of Tucson residents seeking a more meaningful voice in City of Tucson government. TRRG’s goal is to effect concrete change in the way the City of Tucson interacts with its residents to ensure that all City processes reflect integrity and transparency, and this includes recycling and junk removal services.

Visit the City of Tucson Online Employment Center as well fro more in-depth information! Scroll down on the website to view a list of all jobs in waste management for which they are currently accepting applications. To view a job bulletin, you should click on the job title or job number which are links to the bulletin.

In addition the Pima Association of Governments is a nonprofit metropolitan planning organization with Transportation Planning, Environmental Planning and Technical Services divisions. These divisions coordinate efforts with all the local jurisdictions in Pima County, and with the Pascua Yaqui Tribe and Tohono O’odham Nation.

Another one is the Financial Planning for Government Employees. Financial planning for retirement is different for government employees than for people employed in the private sector. The benefits system for these employees is complex. However, it provides some benefits that most workers in the private sector do not have. You can find the hours and phone number for Pima County Government, Health Department, Family Planning, in Tucson, AZ on our family planning services listings, along with info about family planning clinic opening times and adoption services.…

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Roff-off Rental Offer

dumpster in the park
The rental of a dumpster is probably the rental you need to get rid of all your bulky items.

Let’s keep our nature clean. Our website offers you several types of skip options, with several possible cubicles, and different mechanisms to choose from.

Dump rental for demolition

The demolition work being done on your property is causing much more debris and waste than you had imagined. To get rid of these bulky debris, you can acquire a rental dumpster which will simplify the mission of waste disposal.

Tipper rental for gardening

After a good week of gardening work, you have congested a part of your garden with the many green waste. To evacuate this recyclable waste, and to limit the tiring journeys, you can choose the hiring of a roll-off.

Tipper rental for green spaces

You have totally redesigned the layout of your green spaces, and this has generated a lot of waste. Indeed, following the pruning of some trees, the cutting of the largest hedges, and the displacement of several cubic meters of earth, green waste must be evacuated through the hiring of a bucket.

Storage bin rental

Your country house has been totally emptied to be completely renovated. You took the opportunity to sort and get rid of old furniture, old books, and everything that was no longer needed inside. To move this waste become cumbersome dump, choose the hiring of skips.

What volume for tipper rental?

You need a bucket to evacuate a maximum of waste, but you do not know what volume will be necessary. Be aware that there are several models and different cubicles in any tipper rental company.

12 m3 bucket rental

You hesitate on the cubage that you have to choose for your next rental of skips. Waste management companies are at your disposal and can answer all your questions, either by mail or by phone. For more information we recommend taking some pictures of the waste to be evacuated.

Tipper rental 20 m3

You have accumulated a lot of waste, this can be the result of a demolition site, construction, or renovation. To get rid of these bulky waste materials as soon as possible, you can call a waste disposal company renting bins.

Dumpster rental for private use

As an individual, you also have the right to consider renting bins. Indeed, this service is not only offered to professionals. For all rentals, we recommend that you first request a quote that will take into account your needs in terms of volume, mechanism and duration.

Professional dumpster rental

If you are a professional specialized in gardening, do-it-yourself, renovation work, then you will probably have to plan the rental of skips. Many companies specialize in this type of rentals and have a wide range of equipment to meet a maximum of needs.…

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