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Most home renovations in Texas consist of replacing older, inferior surfaces with new, durable materials.

While this is certainly a good way to increase the value of your home and update its look, the concept of design is often neglected. However, good design can be the difference between an average renovation and a truly unique one that makes your home stand out. Here are some design tips for a unique home remodel:

1. Expand Your Current Space

Some designers focus on accommodating more people within the space available. For example, many designers have now begun to combine the dining and kitchen areas within one contiguous space. Another way in which designers have created more space is by expanding walls outwards.

The addition of windows and skylights also creates the feeling of spaciousness. By fundamentally changing the design of your home, you will be able to take full advantage of the space that you have.

2. Create a Comfort Zone

Comfort zones are defined by their amenities. Bathrooms in particular have the potential to be true comfort zones, but they are often neglected in traditional renovations.

Suggested projects include the installation of full-body wall spray showers, whirlpool baths, ands special lighting. Kitchens can also easily become comfort zones with the addition of a professional oven or elegant cabinetry.

3. Mix Materials

While materials like natural stone have become increasingly popular in renovation projects, the idea of mixing materials is still quite novel. From a design perspective, however, mixed material renovations can be visually striking and comfortable.

By contrasting materials of different texture and color, you can create a room that will please all of your senses. If you make a lot of changes, you may end up with a lot of construction debris, requiring you to rent a 10 yd dumpster for waste removal.

How to Choose the Right Wood Flooring

Installing wood flooring during a home renovation is a great way to update your home’s look and increase its market value.

In this article, you will learn about the different types of wood you can choose for you home. For example, oak and maple are the traditional choices for homes and are quite versatile. If you are looking for a more contemporary look, Brazilian Cherry wood may be the best choice for you.

Board size also affects the feel of a room. Narrow boards, for example, tend to make a room feel larger. Wider boards have the opposite effect. Regardless of what kind of wood you’d like, it is important to request samples and evaluate them inside your own home.

Refresh Your Bathroom Experience with a New Vanity Tub, Sink, and Accessories

With a few simple upgrades you can significantly increase the visual appeal and comfort of your home’s bathrooms during your home renovation. Here are some ways in which your bathroom will be refreshed by additions like a vanity tub, sink, and other accessories:

Feel the Comfort of a Vanity Tub

Installing a vanity tub is a great way to make your bathroom more comfortable. In fact, installing a vanity tub can make even a small bathroom feel like a luxurious spa! Some vanity tubs are equipped with jets that massage you as you bathe.

If you do not have space for a tub, installing accessories like an upgraded showerhead can enhance your shower experience regardless of the quality of your plumbing.

Enjoy the Style of New Fixtures

In addition to making your bathroom more comfortable, renovations can also dramatically increase your bathroom’s visual appeal.  

There are a number of aesthetically striking sinks that will completely overhaul your bathroom’s image. Because of the bathroom’s small size, even a few small changes, such as new cabinetry and lighting, can refresh the room’s style completely.

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