To clean up the edge of a river, a clearing, a park, a walking path … you can mobilize the residents near you by posting a message on facebook.

To mobilize volunteers to clean up a corner of nature near you, do not hesitate to send an invitation to your friends. Each week, social networks of the cities give advices and beautiful stories about these clean outs.

Waste Management Responsibility

Citizen initiatives for waste collection are increasing in Florida. These actions bring together more and more volunteers and usually end with a hot coffee or a good drink in the local brewery. Armed with our best advice, a good pair of gloves and trash bags, go with your neighbors, hunting for rubbish.

In order to create such an event, log on you favorite social network account. Click on events in the menu on the right of the home page. Click on create an event. Choose the option public event in order to be able to share the link of the event with as many people as possible

Add a little presentation of yourself and your approach to your event to make your invitation more pleasant. If you already have a place to clean in mind, let them know. In addition, you can add photos of this place to raise awareness and encourage your neighbors to participate in your event.

Invite your friends for a clean out

If this is a big event, you might try to get sponsored by one of the local waste management companies in Florida, such as Ft Lauderdale dumpster rentals, or ask the local city officials who should be more than happy to help.

Then send the invitations. The more the merrier, the merrier! So do not hesitate to spread the word as soon as the date, time and place are decided. To do this, download, print and paste the posters in the hall of your building, in the neighborhood, but also at merchants ready to play the game: at the bakery, at the hairdresser or at the local cafeā€¦

Share the link of the event by e-mail to your friends as well as on social networks. Encourage the first participants to invite as many people as possible in order to make the group even bigger. Write a little reminder on your neighborhood page.

A few days before D-Day, remember to write a little reminder on your neighborhood page to revive the undecided. Make them think of wearing good shoes, gloves (such as dishwashing gloves) and trash bags. Invite parents to come with their children to make them aware of the cleanliness of the public space.

Finally this is D-day. This is the big day ! If you are a large group, you can form teams and divide the area to be cleaned. Once your waste has been collected, celebrate this great action over a good coffee on the corner terrace.

Advice: with the agreement of your neighbors, take photos of the event and share them on your neighborhood page and on social networks, this will make as many people aware as possible not to throw their waste on the public highway. Also send us your photos to all your friends so they may want to join the next cleaning event.

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